Saturday, April 27, 2019

A few Reddit posts for syndication (and why the IRS commissioner lacks integrity)

To classify these corrupt individuals requires both precision and integrity. The current IRS commissioner obviously has neither integrity nor precision; if he did, Trump would have been arrested already.  Trump's son-in-law, too. 

Mobsters are Bullies

The key word here is "Bully".  Does your landlord or HOA bully you? 

On The Homeless Crisis

... lots of them preach: blame the addicts. Certain sects of religious zealots do this a lot: Blame the sick people for being sick in a society that is literally and figuratively poisoning them. They say they want to help by putting them in temporary housing (rentals).

But does that help? No. 

Meanwhile... oh, nevermind the burgeoning population of "landlords" profiting on on their illness, profiting on fake rehab centers designed to steal the government funds allocated to help these sick people. There's a reason Utah has so many failed rehabs and corrupt nonprofits.

The homelessness crisis is not due to drugs; it's due to greed of landlords, period. Landlords are addicts too; but their fix is rental income. They will destroy their communities and society at large before admitting any wrong though.

People cannot get healthy when they are constantly pushed into decaying, unhealthy environments (this includes low-income rental housing). Furthermore is gerrymandering of people once they are nudged into those less than ideal places: effectively take away their vote by jacking the rents and forcing them to move so often they can't ever get attached to any community that can help them.

The problem is society has made it way too easy to turn everything into a rental: rent your Ubers, rent an AirBnB, rent or subscribe to a thing monthly for this or that. ... this creates incentive for people to hoard rentals (rental income), which to me is so obviously the source of most problems rearing their ugly heads in the last decade.


Almost 100 percent of the corruption in the US has a strong link to real estate "property management".
The US could close its deficits, get all homeless off the streets, and reduce rentership from over 60 percent to < 20 percent if only it would punish-tax these corrupt Republicans what they should be punished for their real estate "deals".

Property management is not a job, and income earned from collecting rents or leases should not be given any breaks or leniency from the IRS.

Of course, every time these truths are pointed out, there emerges some haughty whiner whining about how rough and tough it is managing renters.  "Of course it's a job!" they complain.  No, it's not a job.     

Some more history to back up the facts, as they've been documented extensively for over a decade. 
Collecting rent checks and taking them to the bank is not a job.

That IS what most PMCs do.  They devise long, complex "contracts" and try to absolve themselves from any liability for "providing" uninhabitable "housing".  To "maintain" the properties, they pay peon minimum wage "handymen" (usually illegals or addicts they can intimidate into being quiet), often under the table, to do the grunt work cleaning or putting the lipstick on pigs, ripping out cheap carpet and replacing it with even cheaper carpet so they "justify" stealing the security deposits. 

It is not a business when you do shit under the table.  For tax reasons, most REALTORS and LANDLORDS do all kinds of shit under the table.  THIS is what the IRS needs to go after. Trump is trying his best to make it so people who do this are not in trouble (because it is literally how he made his "fortune").  

A decade or so ago, I was being held hostage (yeah, sort of hyperbole, but not really; it's a long story) to work for a PMC designing an Internet site for some new high-end villa condo development in San Jose.  (As a side note: they later stole my code, removed my CSS copyright, and sold dozens of units thanks to my work, for over 600K each.) 

I'll also mention that all I could afford to live in after working for them was a literal slum in Mountain View: a dirt floor garage infested with California's nastiest spiders and other disgusting insects. Totally illegal slumlord stuff! 

They also used me as a temporary "secretary" because, hey any time you can get a woman to do min wage work you should totally exploit her as much as possible when she's desperate! And as this "secretary", another thing they made me do for this "job" was spam Craigslist, posting their fancy rentals. Silly valley elite would come in the office with checks made out to "[PMC] Trust" 5000+ dollars for rent and rent deposits (yes, 10 years ago).  Vilest pieces of shit. The PMC in downtown Palo Alto run by Mormons, of course. 

Definitely lots of Mormons going into the Black Hole of Doom.  It's my theory that what "religion" you say you won't matter: everybody "associated" (even tangentially) with the sustaining the Realtor cartel (NAR), PMCs (property management companies AKA landlords) and others who do collect or think it's their "right" to collect rents (even temporary AirBnB rents!), will be right in the middle of it with Donald Trump's MAGA team.  Donnie's followers will never have to be without Donnie!  They are probably so thrilled. 

That must be one of the reasons the Black Hole was made visible to us here on Earth: thank goodness for Science to show us where the bad guys all end up.


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