Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fennica escorted out of Portland

Today was a day for the books, at least in terms of environmental activism.  The Fennica, an icebreaker employed by Shell Oil, received a police and coast guard escort as it exited the Port of Portland early Thursday evening.

A police and coast-guard escort

Protesters from Greenpeace who'd dangled suspended from mountaineering equipment under the St. John's Bridge ~40 hours or so prior to this escort were ready to attempt to slow down this boat's as it was in a hurry. 

Three of the 13 dangling protesters were forcibly removed from the bridge, so this boat could go underneath, and make its way back to the Arctic, where it will stand by in case one of the cap stacks blows a gasket.
Fennica got an escort because it was in a hurry, and under a deadline.  Yup.  Break out the big guns in law enforcement to ensure that corporate interests get where they're needing to go, when they need to get there.






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