Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Movement: the Depth of Space between Adjectives

One of my online friends once asked me why I have so many blogs and journals all over the Internet. Thinking about it, I realized I like to keep strict separation controls on my writing, building a barrier of contextualization with which I can do free-writing and association for certain types of writing: some serious, some for fun, some experimental, some that I might as well, or have been, gushing blood or sweat or tears or potentially broken bones during composition.


Aside from my online journals, I have (rather had) a notebook journal that was gifted to me via a "Secret Santa" thing that from an online writing forum I frequented some time around Y2K, when started using a particular online pseudonym for writing and coding. This notebook/journal has been stolen. I think about it sometimes, like . . maybe somebody has read it, all my secret private thoughts and such -- makes me very uncomfortable.

This digital gypsy has a new muse these days; the depth of space between adjectives.


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