Thursday, December 28, 2006

Martinez, Revisited

'Tis been not quite ten years since my initial visit to Martinez, CA, and I can genuinely say I'm just as (if not more) enchanted with the town now as I was then. It especially helped that today was an incredibly gorgeous day in terms of weather. I've never really considered anywhere "home" and this return to Martinez as more or less full circle for something maybe symbolic or representative of home. To me, at least. The scent of foods on salty, brisk seaside air: hot foods, spicy foods, ethnic foods, greasy foods, sweet foods and the ocean, all mixing and mingling together in a euphoric olfactory . . .

Finding decent/free Wifi spots on this journey has been an enormous challenge. I can never be sure if the places that advertise their "free Wifi" are actually going to deliver on the promise. I don't like hanging out at places of business without being a customer, so I usually end up purchasing something non-expensive. I haven't at this particular place of business just yet, though, and I've been here well over an hour. Noisy college football game : A&M 10 Cali 28; 7:27 or so left in the 4th, like I care :)

Perhaps I shall exit before I'm noticed.


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